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A promotional video filmed for a wedding and functions band. It was filmed at their gig at the Southsea Bandstand 2013.
VIDEO SAMPLE TWO - Go to youtube and search for Emsworth Yacht Harbour.
A series of five videos were filmed showing different aspects of the marina and the facilities available.
Videos are created to suit your specific needs using a selection of HD quality cameras
as used in the film and television industry.
As well as normal high definition cameras, my colleagues and I also use mini waterproof
Hd cameras, crane jibs, tracking sliders and a variety of specialist equipment to give your video
a unique and professional look.
The finished video can then be saved to normal DVD or Blue Ray, as well as a hard drive or usb stick for
viewing on one of our media display systems, or reduced in size for YouTube or your own internet site.
There is no standard rate for video work as it depends on the length of the video required, the
amount of editing and computer graphics required, the equipment to be used and the number
of people needed to help work on the project.
As well as videos showcasing your business or product, we can also produce low cost training films
that are specific to your business. For example, you may benefit from
having your own training films advising employees on health and safety, fire drills,
customer relations and other requirements that could save training time.